SEVERITAS is a Franco-Luxembourgian project co funded by Agence Nationale de Recherche (for France) and Fonds National de Recherche (for Luxembourg).

SEVERITAS advances information socio-technical security for Electronic Test and Assessment Systems (e-TAS). These systems measure skills and performances in education and training; they improve management, reduce time-to-assessment, reach larger audiences, but they do not always provide security by design.

Today e-TAS is leaving a revolution embracing ICT and consequently offering assessments for a long-lasting education. However, the ICT revolution brings new challenges, new threats, and calls for solutions.

This project recognizes that a study of the security for e-TAS is still mostly unexplored. It will fill these gaps by studying current and other to-be-defined security properties; by improving automated tools to advance the formal verification of security and show how to validating e- TAS security; by developing new secure, transparent, verifiable and lawful e-TAS procedures and protocols; by deploying novel run-time monitoring strategies to reduce frauds and study the user experience about processes to foster e-TAS usable security; and, thanks to connections with players in the business of e-TAS, such as OASYS, by developing and implementing a secure prototype of e-TAS.